IoT and Surveillance


  • All 13 districts in the State have received a tech push with AP government providing them with drones for surveillance and to monitor emergency situations during natural calamities
  • Drones are also being used for spraying pesticides on crops and identifying land with Ganja cultivation through aerial footage


  • We use a million IoT devices and sensors through which massive data is collected
  • Monitoring of streetlights, groudwater report, the weather forecast
  • The State government recently forecast two cyclones much better than the national board, all the houses in the path of the cyclone could be alerted due to which there were single digit casualties recorded
  • Information coming in at the right time helped us with disaster preparedness


  • Real Time Governance ecosystem aims at bringing a uniform platform using real time dashboards on various performance indicators
  • e-Office: AP govt works on digitally through e-files for ensuring paperless administration
  • Every Minister's data is recorded on the dashboard including the time taken to clear files, this reviewed by CM once every 15 days

Geo Tagging

  • We are making use of Aadhar authentication for land records in AP
  • Bhudhaar: every land parcel with geo reference authentication
  • Golden data: we have given another dimension to Aadhar and given household IDs to families

      Bhudhaar may be considered as optional proof for:

    • Land and property registrations
    • Assessments in rural and urban areas
    • Conversion of land – NALA
    • Applications for mutations


  • Biometric attendance and facial recognition is used to ensure authentication
  • Accurate records are maintained with the help of modern technology