AP Fiber Grid

  • AP govt aims to provide high speed internet connectivity at nominal cost to every household in AP through this project
  • Seamless telephone and television services are also included under this

CC Cams

  • CCTV cameras have been installed all over Andhra Pradesh for real time monitoring of hygiene and street crimes
  • Through this, immediate action can be taken against any untoward incidents happening anywhere in the State
  • RTG as part of the projects monitoring and surveillance project is installing CCTV cams in important high-end infrastructure projects of the state like Polavaram, important highway projects, flyovers, etc.
  • RTG has established 110 cams in the project site of Polavaram in important structures like the spillway, spill channel, batching plants, etc. This shall help in monitoring the progress of the structure in real time enabling quick and effective implementation without delays.
  • Similarly, 20,000 CCTV cams are installed across the state of Andhra Pradesh in important junctions of cities, towns, municipalities upto the level of mandal headquarters as part of traffic management, crowd control, incidents monitoring, virtual inspections, etc.


  • To provide high-speed wireless internet in AP by improving fiber grid connectivity
  • FSOC implementation in Andhra Pradesh has addressed the challenges of river and railway crossings to connect those areas where fibre cables cannot reach
  • FSOC has also helped in providing high bandwidth to telecom towers (presently on low data rate microwave links) enabling to upgrade from 2G to 3G/4G services

Digital classrooms

  • Introducing effective methods of teaching through digital platforms
  • Students have shown better performances after lessons taken through digital teaching
  • All the lessons are available for revision as well
  • With a capacity of 40, students are given clickers through which they can record their responses simultaneously

Aadhar platform and applications

  • We use the golden data to ensure family-level monitoring of services provided by the government
  • Feedback collected through various apps and portals help us keep a track of areas that need improvement